Success story

On the road to success for 20 years: Find out more about the historical development and milestones of our company.
An employee in front of a graphic showing the success story of the company itelio
Founding a company
Start of the IT Services division
First Docusnap version
Microsoft Gold Partner
Moving to your own company building
Docusnap 4.0
Docusnap 5.0
Ingemar Mayr becomes part of management
1. CeBIT participation
3,000 Docusnap customers
Docusnap 6.0
First extension of the company building
Milestone 50 employees
New construction of the second company building
Docusnap X
Outsourcing of Docusnap development into a third company building
Milestone 80 employees
5,000 Docusnap customers
Founding of Docusnap GmbH
Docusnap 11
Microsoft Solution Partner “Modern Work”: Comprehensive expertise in providing solutions with Microsoft 365
Docusnap 12
Start itelio Cloud Uncovered YouTube channel
Milestone 90 employees
Docusnap 13
4,500 YouTube subscribers
Milestone 100 employees

Our sales development

Figures say more than 1,000 words: itelio GmbH achieves annual sales growth

Financial status - revenue development (in million euros)

The vision of itelio

20 years of growth and innovation — A short journey through time

Since their Founded in 2004 itelio GmbH has developed into a leading company in the area of IT documentation and IT services. With a strong focus on innovative technologies and tailor-made solutions, itelio has helped numerous customers from various industries to optimize their business processes and become more competitive.

Our journey began with a vision: Helping companies meet the challenges of the digital era. In doing so, we strived to bring together highly qualified experts in the areas of software development, IT support and IT infrastructure to provide our customers with top services.

Over the years, we have constantly developed and expanded our service portfolio. We've invested in research and development to stay at the cutting edge of technology and develop innovative solutions that meet the changing needs of our customers. In doing so, we have also become an expert in cloud technologies and are now sharing our knowledge on our own YouTube channel “itelio Cloud Uncovered”.

However, our success story wouldn't be complete without our dedicated employees and loyal customers. Thanks to their trust and cooperation, we have been able to achieve numerous milestones and are proud to have many long-term partnerships to have created.