We are itelio!

The itelio family

At itelio, the focus is on the team! The company’s success is fueled by our highly skilled and motivated employees. By now, itelio GmbH has been able to secure the skills of about 90 experts from various nations.

Hans Ambs Head of Docusnap Operations
Michael Auberger Docusnap Operations
Marcus Band Data Privacy
Raphael Baud Cloud Development
Udo Becher Docusnap Development
Sebastian Beham IT Service Sales
Alexander Biasi-Bosin Head of Marketing
Tobias Biller Authorized Officer
Andreas Binder IT Service Consulting
Martina Buchmann IT Service Consulting
Michael Casagranda Docusnap Development
Philipp Cerweny Apprentice Docusnap Development
Sebastian Danier Docusnap Consulting
Robert Derheld Docusnap Consulting
Julia Doetsch HR
Alexander Draxler Head of IT Service Sales
Markus Dresch Docusnap Development
Stefan Effenberger Marketing
Kilian Fitsch Docusnap Consulting
Sebastian Fürbeck Apprentice IT Service Sales
Brigitte Gabenstätter Central Services
Kilian Gallner Apprentice Docusnap Development
Alin Gradinaru Docusnap Development
Leonhard Grimmeis IT Service Consulting
Sylvia Gründhammer Docusnap Development
Stefan Gulden Apprentice Marketing
Doris Haller Docusnap Sales
Markus Harlander Docusnap Development
Simone Hirnböck Central Services
Bettina Holzmaier Docusnap Sales
Gabriel Häusler IT Service Consulting
Christina Jurkeit Marketing
Jonas Jäkle Docusnap Development
Andras Katai Docusnap Development
Regula Keller Marketing
Michael Keusch Marketing
Adele Koidl Marketing
Claudia Kurz IT Service Sales
Peter Kurz Management
Tobias Kurz Management
Bernardete Lechertshuber Inhouse Development
Silke Lermann Head of Central Services
Thomas Liebl Head of IT Service Consulting
Fabian Maier IT Service Consulting
Maximilian Maier IT Service Consulting
Karin Mairhofer Docusnap Sales
Felix Mayer IT Service Consulting
Ingemar Mayr Management
Peter Mayr Docusnap Development
Markus Meister IT Service Consulting
Franziska Moser Docusnap Development
Matthias Moser IT Service Consulting
Dietmar Müller Head of Docusnap Development
Christina Niedermaier Central Services
Kevin Reidelbach Docusnap Consulting
Lisa Reisner Docusnap Sales
Peter Reiter Docusnap Development
Michael Richter Docusnap Development
Fabian Rößner IT Service Sales
Georg Sattelberger Docusnap Consulting
Thomas Schildhauer Docusnap Development
Anna Schmid Docusnap Development
Sabine Schwarzkopf Docusnap Development
Andrea Siebler HR
Christian Spöckner Docusnap Consulting
Benjamin Strohmaier IT Service Consulting
Thomas Thaler Cloud Development
Nedime Topkac Apprentice Docusnap Development
Kristijan Vrtaric Docusnap Development
Waltraud Wendlinger Central Services
Florian Werberger Marketing
Thomas Wiesholzer IT Service Consulting
Marinus Zadow Docusnap Consulting