Docusnap is the leading software for automated IT inventory, IT documentation and IT analysis. The software creates network plans, reports and analyses independently and on a recurring basis.

The all-in-one solution for your
complete IT documentation

Inventory, documentation and analysis combined in one software.

With Docusnap, you can automate the creation and maintenance of your IT documentation. This allows you to ensure that the required information is always up to date. You are massively relieved of time-consuming routine tasks and have comprehensive transparency in your network at all times.

IT documentation with Docusnap

Docusnap in action

Network plan
Routing plan
Topology plan
Licence analysis
Dependency diagram

Network plan

Automatically generated network plan

Routing plan

Information processing by the IT documentation

Topology plan

Visualisation of communication between switches and port assignment

Licence analysis

Detailed licence report with graphical presentation

Dependency diagram

Visualisation of IT relationships within the IT documentation

Why IT documentation with Docusnap?


Save costs and time with automated IT documentation at the touch of a button!


Gain comprehensive transparency in the network with meaningful reports and plans!


Carry out flexible customisations using a wide range of modification options!

Multiple languages

Receive all documentation and maps created in either German or English!


Realistic mapping of your physical infrastructure, such as racks, switches, etc.


Access your IT documentation from any location and device with the "Docusnap Webclient"!

Sovereignty of information

Complete and up-to-date information enables you to make well-founded decisions and plans at all times!

Emergency plans

Thanks to comprehensive documentation, it is possible to target emergency management precisely at any time!


Customise your documentation to your own or your customer's corporate design in just a few steps!

Mandate capability

Management of multiple customer networks, with customisable configurations.

Customer documentation

Creation of automatic and recurring inventories and documentation of customer networks.

Data exchange

Integrated ITIL CMDB with extensive export options (HTML, PDF, DOCX, etc.).

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