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As a reliable partner of leading manufacturers, itelio offers you professional and customised solutions for all aspects of your corporate IT.


Collaboration is the key to success. With modern productivity tools, we help you achieve more together.

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Communication is the be-all and end-all. Internal, external, e-mail or telephony: our expertise helps you.

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Whether hardware, virtualisation or cloud: we offer you the computing power you need to run your applications.

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Data is the heart of every company. With databases, storage systems and cloud storage, we are prepared for all use cases.

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Identities are the key to your data. We ensure that your accounts remain protected.

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Device management, inventory and other management tools help you stay in control of your devices and applications.

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From WLAN to VPN, firewall to RADIUS: the network is probably the most important component of IT. We keep you online.ork

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The firewall in the network, virus protection on endpoints or identities in the cloud: for us, security is a basic requirement.

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With modern equipped workstations your users are well prepared.

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In the cloud but still on the ground !

Take off into new spheres with us. Whether cloud computing, classic on-premise or hybrid environments, whether project planning and setting up new solutions or operating and supporting an existing IT infrastructure, our experienced and committed employees will support you in every situation.

Our knowledge is your advantage:

  • Experts in dealing with on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments.
  • Many years of practical experience
  • Numerous high-ranking manufacturer certifications

itelio supports you with all IT questions !

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