Windows Hello for Business

Windows Hello for Business replaces passwords with secure, two-step authentication on devices. This authentication is linked to a device and uses biometric data or a PIN to log in.

Passwordless login

Passwordless login

Eliminate user passwords from your IT environment. Enable your users to log in to their devices and company resources with biometric or PIN-based authentication to greatly reduce the risk of password theft through phishing or brute force attacks.

Improved security

Improved security

Biometric data, such as facial structure or fingerprint, is unique for each user, which makes unauthorised access to devices and data considerably more difficult.
All access data is only valid on a single device. Even if a user's PIN is lost, it can only be used in conjunction with their PC.

User friendliness

User friendliness

Fast face or fingerprint recognition provides users with a smooth and fast login experience, reducing the time spent entering passwords.
This means your users no longer feel constrained by your organisation's password policies and can focus on what's important.

Integrated solution

Integrated solution

As a central component of Windows 10 and newer versions, no additional software is required. Windows Hello for Business integrates seamlessly into the Microsoft ecosystem and other business solutions.
Allow your users not only passwordless access to their devices, but also to their Microsoft 365 services and resources in your company network.

Windows Hello for Business at a glance

Windows Hello for Business revolutionises corporate authentication through the use of biometric and PIN-based technologies.

Instead of relying on easily vulnerable passwords, it offers more robust security through individualised face or fingerprint recognition. This not only reduces the risk of password-based attacks, but also ensures that only authorised users can access your company resources.

In addition to increased security, users benefit from a faster and smoother login experience. As a central component of the Windows operating system, it integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructures and thus optimises the authentication process throughout the company.

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Policy configuration
Login with facial recognition

Policy configuration

Login with facial recognition

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