Entra Conditional Access

Determine under which conditions a user can access your cloud resources and control access based on user identity, location, devices used, or other factors. Maintain control at all times who can access which content and when.

Increasing safety

Conditional Access allows you to control access to your resources based on a combination of user identity, location, device, application risk, and other factors, reducing the risk of security breaches. Make sure no one can access your corporate resources without permission.

Granular safety policies

Tailor access policies to meet the exact needs of your organization. Control exactly under which circumstances your employees are allowed to access which content. For example, allow access to SharePoint Online only when the user logs on from a corporate device.

Integration into the Microsoft ecosystem

The deep integration of conditional access into Entra ID allows both Microsoft products and third-party services to be seamlessly integrated. Benefit from consistent and centralized management of security policies across various services and clouds.

ease of use

Increase security in your organization without restricting your users. Users only need to authenticate themselves additionally when a potential risk is identified. As a result, everyday work is not unnecessarily impeded.

Entra Conditional Access overview

Entra Conditional Access is at the heart of the security of your Microsoft cloud environment.

With Conditional Access, you set policies Under what conditions a user can access your Microsoft cloud resources and other connected services.

You can make any registrations from anyone Entra ID accounts monitor and control in detail. Determine exactly under which circumstances your employees can access your company resources.

For example, do you want to enforce that your sensitive data can only be accessed from corporate devices? Or would you like to allow access to your resources only from the office? Should an additional factor be queried when accessing certain data? None of that is a problem.

Bring your Safety level to a new level by controlling and personalizing access to corporate resources based on user identity, location, devices used, and other factors.

Get an impression

Comprehensive reporting provides all information about the use of the guidelines and possible problems in the tenant.
Entra Conditional Access Reporting screenshot
Configuring a policy
The login control is used to define the minimum login methods requested by a user to access certain information.
Configuring a Policy in Microsoft Entra Conditional Access

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