Intune Client Management

With Microsoft Intune, Windows clients can be managed from anywhere via the cloud. Manual setups and unclear version levels are thus a thing of the past.

Windows transparent management

Maintain control over configurations, security policies, and applications This allows you to work securely and efficiently on every client.

Flexible software distribution

Cloud-based software distribution brings enterprise applications to every client. Modern mechanisms support the packaging of various apps.

Automated deployment

With Intune and Windows Autopilot, Windows devices can be automatically equipped with configurations and applications the first time they start. Forget manual installations or PXE boots.

Control of devices outside the home

All these features and much more — thanks to the cloud, it doesn't matter whether your devices are on the company network, on a business trip or in the home office.

Intune Client Management overview

With Intune Client Management for Windows devices, you can manage the complete lifecycle of endpoints.

Starting with the automated deployment With Windows Autopilot, your clients receive all configuration policies, applications and security settings the first time they start — without having to go through IT.

While using clients Always keep track about current software versions, operating system updates and device settings. Performance values can also be checked to identify outdated hardware or error-prone applications.

Additional features, such as Azure AD Conditional Access, help improve the To further secure access to corporate data and only from compliant devices.

With just a few clicks, you can set devices to the defined standard Reset or completely delete. In this way, devices can be easily and reliably changed by user or removed from inventory.

Get an impression

Overview of devices
The management and compliance status of all devices can be recorded and evaluated at a glance in a central portal.
Overview of devices in the Microsoft Intune Admin Center
performance reports
The endpoint analysis provides granular information about the end devices. It is possible to analyse which applications frequently crash, have long loading times or cause other problems.
Microsoft Intune admin center performance reports
software distribution
The status of installed applications can be recorded and evaluated at a glance. Problems with distributed software are recognised immediately and can be rectified.
Screenshot of software distribution in Intune Client Management
device configuration
All device settings can be configured using predefined guidelines and the status of the assignment can be analysed.
Screenshot of device configuration in Intune Client Management

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