LAN infrastructure

Wired communication is at the core of every network infrastructure. From the core switch in the data center to the distribution layer to the individual workstations, we ensure smooth network traffic.

Modernization at every level

We offer you the modernization of your network components at every level. Whether you just need a switch for a branch office, or want to renew the entire network from client to server — we're here to help.

Holistic view of your network

Bottlenecks develop quickly, especially when networks are only partially renewed, unknown hardware is available or remaining stocks have been used as an emergency solution. For this reason, we always look at the complete data flow to ensure that information reaches its destination as quickly as possible.

Advanced management for administrators

With the modern management tools from our various partners, you can experience network administration in a completely new way. Graphical interfaces provide deep insight into the topology and data flow so that problems can be identified and resolved quickly.

Maintenance keeps you online

As an additional solution, we recommend itelio Lifecycle Management. Through regular maintenance, outdated software versions, configuration errors or bottlenecks are identified and corrected accordingly, even during operation.

An overview of the LAN infrastructure

LAN infrastructure isn't just about cables and switches.

It's about creating an infrastructure that is the backbone of your digital processes. From fiber optic cables to connecting workstations to networking across building boundaries — when designing a network solution, we always consider The big picture.

The first step is to determine your specific requirements In focus: Which components of the network are required? What is the score of data throughput and latencies? And how can the new solution be integrated into your existing network in order to optimally complement it?

After designing the solution, we will of course also assist you with procurement, configuration and installation in your environment. Modern management tools and our additional offer itelio Lifecycle Management ensure that your LAN infrastructure remains reliable and up to date in the future.

Get an impression

Unifi management console
In the Unifi management portal, the total throughput and the status of connected devices or integrated access points can be recorded and evaluated at a glance in a central portal.
LAN infrastructure overview of the Unifi management console
Management console topology
In the topology tree of the Unifi management portal, you can see at a glance which end devices are connected to which access points or switches. The connection quality and speed can also be seen.
LAN infrastructure topology in the Unifi management console
Aruba Network Hardware
The network hardware from Aruba becomes the centrepiece of your network infrastructure. The hardware and software from the established manufacturer is extremely efficient and performant despite its low administrative complexity.
Aruba Networks Network Hardware

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