Mimecast Email Security

With the pure cloud solution “Secure Email Gateway,” Mimecast protects your users from threats ranging from phishing and ransomware to business email compromise and payment fraud. Benefit from advanced recognition technologies tailored exactly to your company without the use of hardware.


Mimecast has been a pure cloud provider since its inception. This orientation is reflected in daily work with the service and modern administrative experience. You don't have to spend any effort on keeping hardware ready or maintaining. All backend tasks are done by Mimecast. You can concentrate entirely on the essentials.

Secure emails

Emails are the biggest gateway for malware of any kind into your company. With Mimecast's detection mechanisms, we offer you optimal protection against phishing, ransomware, and other threats. Advanced defense technologies filter harmful content before it reaches the end user. This ensures secure and interference-free communication.

Access the quarantine from anywhere

If an email sent to you is blocked, it ends up in quarantine. With conventional email gateways, you are often unable to approve these emails yourself, and if so, only from within the company network. Manage emails in your quarantine via an intuitive web interface or directly via the Outlook plugin. Of course, there is also an app for iOS and Android.

Real-time filtering of harmful links and attachments

Attachments are checked for malicious code before they are delivered to your mailbox. Mimecast uses the latest recognition technologies. Links in emails are checked before delivery and are only delivered if no threats have been identified. If the content of a website changes after delivery, a link is checked and protected again at the time of the click.

Mimecast Email Security Overview

As the biggest attack vector, email requires the best possible protection.

Prevent even the most sophisticated attacks on your organization and stay ahead of the threats with Mimecast Email Security.

Whether it's phishing, ransomware attacks, social engineering or other threats — with modern recognition technologies With the Mimecast Secure Email Gateway, you can sleep peacefully again.

Through the pure cloud solution You don't have to worry about deploying and maintaining hardware, but simply configure the tool via a comprehensive web interface.

Access quarantined emails Regardless of location from any device to. Manage blocked and approved senders and release emails from quarantine. You get maximum freedom with the intuitive Outlook plug-in or, alternatively, access via the web browser.

Get an impression

management console
The dashboard shows the current status of the email environment at a glance and allows anomalies to be recognised and evaluated immediately.
Mimecast Email Security Management Console
Gateway policies
Die umfangreichen Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten lassen einen extrem granularen und genau auf Ihr Unternehmen angepassten Richtliniensatz zu.
Configuring gateway policies in Mimecast
Analyzing individual emails
The Message Centre provides a comprehensive overview of delivered and undelivered e-mails, which e-mails have received which classification and which further steps can be taken.
Mimecast Email Security analysis of individual emails
AI-powered security
Cyber-Graph uses machine learning to recognise phishing and social engineering attempts and to alert email recipients to potential dangers with the email they receive with dynamic banners in their inbox.
AI-powered security with CyberGraph in Mimecast

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