Windows 365

Windows 365 allows you to provide cloud PCs to users in a short period of time. Benefit from highly available instances and use Intune for flexible management.

Quick deployment

Provide a user with a cloud PC simply by assigning a license. As a rule, the machine can be used in less than an hour — including software, configurations and safety guidelines.

Integration with on-premises

Windows 365 Cloud PCs can be deployed both isolated in the cloud and integrated with your on-premises network. If connectivity to the local infrastructure is required, you can either use your usual point-to-site client or establish a site-to-site connection to Azure.

Management via Intune

Like other Windows systems, Windows 365 cloud PCs can be managed via Intune. In this way, you can reliably install software, make settings or keep the operating system up to date. If Intune is already in use, existing policies can be reused.

Predictable costs

In contrast to VMs in Azure, Windows 365 cloud PCs are billed on a license-based basis. The monthly costs vary depending on the hardware of the cloud PC and can be predicted precisely.

Windows 365 overview

Windows 365 is a service from Microsoft that can be used to host PCs in the cloud.

With this Desktop-as-a-service offering hosting is provided by the manufacturer, so you don't have to buy hardware for new clients.

The cloud PCs can be deployed in a short period of time by assigning a license to a user. Previously created configurations then automatically complete configurations, software installations, and so on. The licenses are available in various versions, each of which differs in terms of CPU performance, RAM and hard disk size. In this way, various applications can be covered in a targeted manner. An optional network connection to the local infrastructure is also possible, so that applications can also reach resources that are operated on-premises.

Users benefit from a highly available desktop, which can be reached from any device. The client for Windows 365 is available on all common operating systems — there is also an HTML5 client, which can be used via modern browsers.

Common use cases for Windows 365 include new hires, company acquisitions, or branch offices, where users need an integrated workplace quickly and easily. But Windows 365 can also be used effectively in continuous operation.

Get an impression

Browser access
Windows 365 machines can be accessed and worked on either via the RDP client or via HTML5 directly in the browser.
Windows 365 access via the browser
Management via Intune
The complete administration, configuration and rollout of the Windows 365 computers is carried out via Intune.
Windows 365 management via Intune
Operating system selection
The Windows operating system can be selected for each computer. The selection includes currently supported operating systems, either with or without pre-installed Microsoft 365 apps.
Windows 365 operating system selection

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