WLAN infrastructure

Switching on a WLAN access point is easy — a secure, high-performance and reliable WLAN solution, however, must be tailored exactly to your needs. With our experience and tools, we can successfully map any scenario.

A WiFi just in case

When WiFi is required, it can mean different things. Should business notebooks have Internet access, should guests be able to communicate with the outside world, or must IoT-enabled devices in the production hall be integrated into the network? Any desired scenario can be mapped.

Blueprint becomes WiFi

Using building plans, we use modern tools to simulate local conditions. This results in virtual WLAN illumination, the result of which provides the desired level of coverage at your locations.

WiFi as if via cable

A good WiFi connection is in no way inferior to the cable in terms of speed. Modern hardware and comprehensive illumination ensure that your users can work with a fast network connection wherever needed.

Ongoing maintenance

So that you can also meet future challenges, we also recommend the itelio Lifecycle Management Solution. As part of regular maintenance, configurations and software versions are checked and potential bottlenecks are identified.

An overview of the WLAN infrastructure

We help you deploy or renew the optimal WLAN infrastructure.

Starting with the Definition of Requirements, Decisive Factors Such as Speed and spatial availability defined. Depending on what networks are used for, how your buildings are designed and where the connection must be possible, we consider various solutions.

Using Building Plans, Test Measurements and Modern Tools, We Carry Out a Virtual illumination of your premises through. Based on the results, we create a concept that offers the WLAN coverage you have requested with as few hardware as possible. In addition, we ensure that your wireless corporate networks are always connected Comply with legal requirements.

Finally, the new systems will Procures, Configures and Installs. A subsequent evaluation of the connection strengths serves to confirm and possibly improve the previously developed illumination concept.

Our itelio Lifecycle Management can be added to your WLAN infrastructure as an option. Our ongoing maintenance ensures that you always use the best possible configuration and current software versions even during operation.

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